Tribute Messages to Seafarers
around the World

Esben Poulsson, Executive Chairman, Enesel Pte. Ltd.


On behalf of the International Chamber of Shipping, I would like to congratulate the Singapore Nautical Institute and the world maritime heritage society for organising the Heroes at Sea initiative. The covid19 crisis has brought about a greater understanding and recognition of the vital role played by seafarers in keeping trade moving, often in highly challenging circumstances. Seafarers are indeed the world’s unsung heroes, and they deserve our respect, admiration and support.

Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

I warmly welcome the Heroes at Sea initiative. I hope that more like-minded partners will step forward to help our global seafarer community tide over this difficult period. Together, we will overcome!


Mary Liew, General SecretarySingapore Maritime Officers’ Union

“Heroes at sea” is a wonderful initiative to encourage and give support to seafarers all around the world. We hope that many around the world will unite and participate in this to show our solidarity for our unsung heroes. 


Michael Phoon, Executive Director, Singapore Shipping Association

On behalf of all at SSA, I congratulate all parties behind this ‘Heroes at Sea’ initiative. I certainly hope that more within and out of the maritime community can show their appreciation and support to seafarers during and beyond the global pandemic.


Capt. Mohd Salleh B. Ahmad Sarwan, Director of Singapore Maritime Academy, Singapore Polytechnic

On behalf of the staff and students at SMA, I applaud the ‘Heroes at Sea’ initiative for raising greater awareness on the significant responsibilities that our seafarers shoulder in facilitating the flow of global trade. It is a befitting and timely project to acknowledge and honour their contributions in keeping the world’s economy moving.


Oleg Chcheka, President, Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University

The entire world is deeply indebted to seafarers for keeping supply chains operational during the pandemic. In this regard, “Heroes at sea” is a great effort and initiative to encourage, support and demonstrate our solidarity for all the seafarers around the world in this challenging time!


Kam Soon Huat, President, Singapore Organisation of Seamen

SOS applauds ‘Heroes at Sea’ in paying tribute to seafarers, our unsung heroes, who soldier on to keep global trade moving despite these challenging times. We will continue to work closely with tripartite partners to safeguard the well-being of seafarers.


 Martin Taylor, Chief Executive, OneOcean

OneOcean is privileged to offer our support to Heroes at Sea as a Gold-level corporate sponsor and encourage our staff throughout the world to join their colleagues in the global maritime community for this virtual fundraising event to help raise vital funds for this fantastic cause.


Capt. Albert Teo, Ambassador, National Olympic Committee, Republic of Angola to South East Asia

I warmly welcome the Heroes at Sea initiative. I hope that more like-minded partners will step forward to help our global seafarer community tide over this difficult period. Together, we will overcome!


Dato’ Victor Sim, Managing Director, Mega Dynamic Builders Sdn Bhd 

On behalf of Mega Dynamic Builders Sdn Bhd, I fully support the Heroes At Sea initiative. While we are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, let us not forget the sacrifices of our unsung heroes, the seafarers. They have been braving these difficult times with utmost grace and dignity. We should stand in solidarity with them and honour them for their relentless contributions to the economy.

Kent Lee, Chief Executive, Voyager Worldwide

We would like to thank the organisers for this great initiative. Voyager Worldwide is delighted to be able to give our support to Heroes at Sea and for the opportunity to express our gratitude for the sacrifices seafarers around the world are making in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Peter Pela, Founder and Chief Executive,
Royal Albatross / Tall Ship Adventures Pte Ltd

Our sincere thanks go out to all those involved in the “Heroes at Sea” tribute and to all the seafarers worldwide that are facing such difficult and challenging times right now. We hope this initiative will drive more partners to participate and create global awareness so that our seafarers truly receive the appreciation they deserve.

K. Murali Pany, Managing Partner, Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP

As a long-standing maritime law firm, JTJB is very happy to support this worthy cause.

It is indeed appropriate to show gratitude to seafarers for their efforts during these challenging times.

Capt Ashok K. Batura, Managing Director, Sinoda Shipping Agency Pte Ltd

We hope this initiative drives an increased awareness and appreciation for the work that seafarers do. In fact, we hope this will become an annual affair, because pandemic or no pandemic, seafarers deserve our highest respects!


Bhupesh Gandhi, Founder, Group Nautical 

We at Group Nautical Whole Heartedly support this noble initiative and Congratulate the Organizers of the Heroes at Sea for doing a commendable job selflessly.


Carleen Lyden Walker, Chief Evolution Officer, IMO Goodwill Maritime Ambassador, SHIPPINGInsight

Without seafarers, there is no shipping.  Without shipping, there is no global trade.  Without global trade, you will have no clothes, electronics, energy or, in many cases, food.  Join our efforts to honor the world’s mariners who toil ceaselessly so we can live our lives.  Thank them by recognizing their efforts through the “Heroes at Sea” initiative.

吴国阳,管理委员会主任, 中国华夏文化遗产基金会 海洋文化专项基金


我们也要由衷感谢发起 “Heroes at Sea” 致敬活动的团队,让人们对海员的工作和生活有更深的了解和认识,也让我们有机会向他们表达敬意。为了我们的生活,他们不得不“流浪”在海上。恰逢双节时刻,我们希望借由这项活动为此刻仍身处森森大海中的伟大海员们带来一丝温情和支待。